Get the best-fit cloud ERP for your business and drive efficiency with ease. We provide various system softwares that can be customized with unique business needs.


Do more in less time and stay in control of your entire business.

Any business type, we’ve got you covered. MiddleMen helps you to Maximize profits, reduce costs, provide exceptional customer experience and increase productivity.

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Analysis and Reporting

Get live insights into every aspect of your business, overview of your operating activities, inventory, sales etc. Use these reporting features to analyze your business’s status.

Streamlined accounting

Manage costs, profits, cash, and taxes accurately with accounting systems like SUN, MIOB, Tally etc. We are open to integration of other accounting software’s as well.

Super Business Dashboard

Get live insights into every aspect of your business, overview of your operating activities using real-time dashboards, scorecards and KPI’s.

One back office system

Run your operations effortlessly from your central office. Reduce your manual work by including financials, fulfillment, inventory and sales operations from one environment.

Offline mode

Operate in offline mode when you lose Internet connection. Data syncs automatically when internet connection is restored. No manual upload, download or reconciliation is required.

Increased productivity

Manage time-intensive tasks, like table distribution and price lookups. This enables your employees to focus on other jobs that increase productivity and improve the customer experience.

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Your payroll needs all in one tool

All employee data in one place. Be confident of getting all your payroll processing needs fulfilled with Itemised Payslip and more.

  • Effortlessly set up your payroll system
  • Get enhanced experience and save time


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